VIKING Sprinklers

Viking sprinklers are available in various finishes for frame-style sprinklers and concealed sprinkler cover plates which are FM approved and UL listed. We have a wide array of Viking Standard Spray Sprinklers at our disposal. We offer ex-stock supplies for convenience and to provide value to our customers who deal with fire safety as a critical and important aspect.


  • Types: Pendent, Upright, Sidewall, Concealed
  • K-factor: K80, K115, K160, K200, K320, K360, K363
  • Temperature(Celsius): 57, 68, 74, 79, 93, 100, 141, 182, 260
  • Finish: Chrome, Brass
  • Response: Standard, Quick
  • Coverage: Standard, Extended
  • Approvals: UL, FM
  • Pressure: 175psi, 250psi
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