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Founded in 1920, Viking Group, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of fire sprinklers and related products for fixed fire protection systems. Viking offers total fire suppression solutions by providing its manufactured products and related third party products along with value-added services such as fabrication, pre-assembly, product training, andtechnical assistance. Viking's products, which include both water and non-water based fixed fire suppression systems, are installed in commercial, industrial, storage, office, institutional,and residential properties around the world.

Viking Group is comprised of five primary business units; Viking Corporation, Viking SupplyNet, Viking SupplyNet International, Viking Fabrication Services, and Viking Plastics. Viking Corporation manufactures fire sprinklers, fire system valves, and related devices. Viking SupplyNet distributes Viking Corp. manufactured products and third party products to over 3,000 fire sprinkler contractors in the United States and an additional 3,000 fire contractors internationally in over 80 countries. Viking Fabrication Services provides customized, pre-fabricated steel piping systems according to fire contractor specifications, saving the contractor from having to source, cut, thread, weld, and package steel piping systems in-house. Finally, Viking Plastics was formed in 2007 to manufacture CPVC plastic sprinkler piping to capitalize on the growing residential sprinkler market and the associated need for CPVC products.

Combined, the companies of The Viking Group provide customers with the following advantages:

Quality: Our reputation for quality has been earned over decades by focusing on continuous improvement in all elements of our business – from the products we manufacture to the services we provide.

Breadth: The largest selection of fire protection products and services ensures single-point solutions for any fire protection challenge.

Support: The companies of The Viking Group are dedicated exclusively to fire protection. Knowledgeable and experienced customer service and technical support is provided at every point in the project process.

Innovation: From valves that are easier to install and maintain, to automated fabrication capabilities, Viking's product innovations have been developed by a thorough understanding of the needs of our customers.

Availability: With over 50 locations worldwide, and a host of independent distribution partners, Viking's products and services are available when and where our customers need them.

Viking Group's primary goal is to enhance and support the efforts of the fire sprinkler contractor. Viking's commitment to quality, service, and innovation means fewer problems and more cost-effective solutions for both the installers and end users of fire suppression systems worldwide.

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