Audco Super- H Plug Valves

Super-H is the pressure balanced plug Valve that Audco has developed while leading the market over the last 90 years. With the most typical applications found in natural gas, upstream hydrocarbon and slurries, this well-established design has proven its suitability on a range of demanding applications when zero leakage or bubble tight shut-off and reliability of operation are of prime importance.

Basic design advantages such as metal-to-metal seats and a wide seating area, along with competitive pricing, have made plug valves of the product of choice when the valve is operated in a difficult and dirty service and/or needs to be opened against full differential pressure. The robust metal-to-metal seats ensure long valve life on any service, even in present of solid particles in the line media.

A high pressure plug valve, achieving exceptional reliability on both leak tightness and operability.

The valve ensures long-term line and atmospheric sealing minimizes routine maintenance and is fire tested to API6FA.

Materials : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Special Materials Sizes: 15 to 1050mm

Pressures: Up to 690 bars (10000 psi) Maximum Cold Working Pressure Temperature: -46°C to 325°C

Ratings: ANSI 150-2500, API 2000,3000,5000 and 10000

Super-H Plug Valves should be selected whenever bubble tight shut-off (zero leakage) is needed and there is a concern about seat damage due t valves being opened against a full deferential pressure and/or the presence of solids or impurities in the process medium.

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